Welcome to IUC TV

There is a dichotomy in the perception of public relations and marketing. As practitioners, we proudly present that we have the complete ability to navigate the success in telling our client’s stories, and to some extent we do with the tools and relationships we have under our control; yet in direct opposition to this narrative is the simple truth that part of this messaging greatly relies on others deciding what stories are worthy of being told.

Our agency has been built on and continues to evolve based on the idea that we must constantly change the way we strive to communicate and in doing so find new pathways to present meaningful messaging. So enters IUC TV.

IUC TV will be a new channel of distribution to tell the stories that we feel are not being told. Both those of our clients, and those that are not. These narratives will not be measured by traditional PR metrics , moreover intended to make a whisper louder, to answer a question, solve a problem, or celebrate an achievement.  In striving to be authentic in our storytelling, we will likely stumble, learn and grow. But the key to rising above the noise and oversaturated world we live in, has always been creating an authentic narrative. We’re honored and lucky enough to work with people who are “off portfolio” that have become part of a larger family. We constantly fall in love when we learn about something or someone that demonstrates the same passion we have for our work. These often are not the most tending, but real and warranted. We want to tell those stories.

*All ideas, concepts, writing, production, editing and marketing is created solely by our talented team at IUC and brought to you courtesy and in partnership with our associated talent, businesses and organizations. The team at IUC is: Lily Gribbel, Maddy McCarthy and JP Faiella.