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JP Faiella

JP is one of the founding partners of IUC in 2006, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer overseeing new business development, agency and client strategy. JP, a former musician and stand-up comedian, received his Master’s Degree from Emerson College in Integrated Marketing Communications. Prior to opening IUC, JP worked for NPR, CBS and NBC networks in production and has worked on both the client and agency side in marketing and public relations. With over 30 years of experience at all levels, JP and the team at IUC have led countless lifestyle and consumer goods accounts to national expansions and growth via earned media and strategic marketing campaigns. The son of a French mother from Bordeaux, JP has a love for all things culinary and is an avid home cook and has self-admitted addictions to travel, new restaurants, and seeking out hard to find watches and sneakers. 


Lily Gribbel

Lily Gribbel is the acting Account Director at IUC leading account operations and editorial planning along with co-writing and producing all digital media, podcasts and video content. Lily first dipped her toes into the culinary world when she ditched the overdone lemonade stand and opted instead to sell homemade cupcakes on the side of the road with her neighbors. Since then, she has been fascinated with all things food and culinary storytelling. Lily holds a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College in Communications and Media Studies, as well as, a Master’s degree in Gastronomy from Boston University. When not working, you can find Lily indulging in Salted Oreo ice cream from New City Microcreamery, trying out new restaurants around the city, refreshing Google Flights to find her next trip destination, or reading in a “silly little coffee shop.” 


Maddy McCarthy

As Account Supervisor at IUC, Maddy specializes in building brand awareness for clients through social media, public relations and marketing strategies across all platforms. Maddy has a Master of Arts degree in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications from the University of Rhode Island which she received while simultaneously working in the hospitality industry. Maddy began her career in non-profit public relations before joining IUC working with primarily hospitality and lifestyle clients. When not in the office, you can find Maddy running around Boston, (literally) and searching for the best cocktails in the city to re-create at home.


Addie Bonath

Addie Bonath is a Junior Account Associate at IUC and leads design and branding at the agency. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Addie has previously worked on both the client and agency sides for numerous years for organizations such as Rise Marketing and The Lyons Group. With an extensive design background and strong social media skills, Addie works in support of clients digital marketing needs and leads all graphic design campaigns and brand launches. A native Vermonter, in her free time you’ll find Addie traveling and enjoying the outdoors. 

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