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There’s also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more. They have separate software programs, control panels, Help systems, Web browsers, application switchers—and separate ways of doing things.

Windows desktopwhich is basically Windows 7. In this environment, you can run any of the four million existing Windows programs see Figure TileWorlda new environment designed for touchscreens, like tablets and touchscreen laptops. This environment looks completely different—and works completely differently.

For TileWorld, you have to win 8 handbuch free download and install a completely new kind of app. But there really are two environments. They look and feel very different. Each has its own techniques for customizing and organizing your stuff.

Each requires different techniques. Even so, you still have to learn them both. Here and there, the two worlds bleed together. Figure It runs traditional Windows desktop programs. It runs a new class of full-screen, colorful, touchscreen-friendly apps. You can control which apps are allowed to add information to the Lock screen in PC Settings.

You can change the picture, if you like, or you can eliminate it altogether. Chapter 2 has the details. The Lock screen serves the same purpose it does нажмите для продолжения a smartphone: It gives a quick glance at the time, the date, your WiFi signal strength, the weather, and on laptops and tablets your battery charge. As you win 8 handbuch free download and install new apps, they can add informational tidbits to this Lock screen, too.

You just want to know what time it is. Mouse : Click anywhere. Or turn the mouse wheel. The Lock win 8 handbuch free download slides up and out of the way, revealing the Accounts screen Figure As in any modern operating system, you have your own account in Windows 8.

So the second thing you encounter in Windows 8 is the Accounts screen. Here you see the name and photo for each person who has an account on this machine. Choose yours. If your machine has only one account, you get to bypass this screen; as soon as you dismiss the Lock screen, you arrive at the Login screen described next. Top: If your machine has more than one account set up, tap or click your icon to sign in.

Bottom: Typing is so ! In Windows 8, you can log into your account using any of several more touchscreen-friendly methods, like drawing three predetermined lines on a photograph.

But logging in no longer has to mean typing a password. Skip the security altogether. Jump directly to the Start screen when you turn on win 8 handbuch free download machine. To choose which method you want, see Customizing the Login Process. This page of colorful tiles is the biggest landmark in Windows 8— and the part that may take the most getting used to Figure But what about the rest of it—the Charms bar, the gestures, the swiping, the new breed of full-screen apps? Microsoft has no name for it.

Just install the free Classic Menu app. You can think of the Start screen as an exploded view of the old Start menu. The old Start menu, which has served as the master list of your files and programs since Windows was a toddler, is gone.

The Start screen is basically the Start menu, spread out. The Calendar tile shows you your next appointment. Your Mail tile shows the latest incoming subject line. The People tile shows you Twitter and Facebook posts as they pour in. Читать далее all Start screen tiles display their own names.

Some apps, like the ones for Calendar, People, and Mail, are meant to be visual dashboards only. A tinted, rectangular tooltip bar appears, identifying the name. The Start screen is very obviously part of the new TileWorld environment: full screen, new fonts, brightly colored rectangles.

But the tiles themselves can represent both kinds of software: Windows desktop programs and the new TileWorld apps. But you can and should install your older programs here, too. Any new programs you install will gain tiles on the Start screen. Tiles can represent anything that used to be in the Start menu: programs, files, folders, Web sites, win 8 handbuch free download so on. As you install more and more programs, the Start screen expands win 8 handbuch free download.

It can wind up being many screens wide. Touchscreen : Swipe your finger horizontally across the screen— slowly to scroll with precision, quickly to whip through several pages at a time. Mouse : Turn the scroll wheel on your mouse. This works on most modern mice. Or move the mouse until it bumps the right or left edge of the screen to scroll in that direction.

As soon as you start moving the mouse—or touch the trackpad on a laptop—you also get a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen. You can drag that, too. Every tile on the Start screen represents something—a program, a person, a Web site, a folder. Remember: The Start screen is simply an exploded view of the old Start menu. Once the Start screen gets to be many screens wide, the scrolling business can get old.

The screen instantly changes to show you nothing but the icons of matching apps and programs, as shown in Figure Chapter 3 covers searching in zatch bell pc download games for more detail. You can use any of these shortcuts:. Touchscreen : Swipe inward from the right margin of the screen win 8 handbuch free download make the Charms bar appear Corners and Swipes. Tap Start. Mouse : Point to the lower-left corner of the win 8 handbuch free download.

Click the Start-screen miniature that appears. Keyboard : Press the key on the keyboard. On many new computers and tablets with Windows 8 preinstalledthere may also be a Windows button — just below the screen, for example.

You can also press .net framework 4.5 for server 2003 to return to the Start screen. When you begin typing on the Start screen, you automatically enter the search mode. As you type, Windows narrows down the visible icons, showing only matching apps and programs. The first one is always highlighted, so you can just press !!! bollywood songs download free for pc ничем Enter key to open it.

To back out, press the Esc key a couple of times. To be completely blunt, the world of Windows 8 is tailored for touchscreens. You can everything with a keyboard and a mouse, but Microsoft saved the choicest pleasures for tablets and touchscreens. The proof is the long list of gestures Figure that do things in Windows 8—special finger-on-glass movements that open important panels and do important things.

There are keyboard and mouse equivalents, but finger on glass is almost always quicker and easier. Every laptop that came with Windows 8 also has a multitouch trackpad. All of the gestures described in this book for touchscreens pinch, swipe, and win 8 handbuch free download on — you can also perform on the trackpad itself.

Some older models have multitouch trackpads, too. Two of them—the app switcher and splitting the screen—are described in Chapter 3. The Charms bar is new in Windows 8. Touchscreen win 8 handbuch free download Swipe inward from the right edge of the screen.

Mouse : Point to the upper-right corner of the screen. In each case, the Charms bar gracefully slides in from the right edge of the screen. As you can see in Figurethe five icons here provide direct access to some of the most important functions of your computer. Tap this icon to begin a search of your computer—for anything: programs, documents, settings, email, calendar appointments, and so on.

Figureright, shows the panel. You can read all about searching in Chapter 3. The Charms bar left is named after the jingly silver doodads that dangle from a charm bracelet.

They give you direct access to some of the most important functions in Windows. For example, win 8 handbuch free download Settings button opens the Settings panel middle ; the Search button opens, of course, the Search panel right.


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From now on, the Hibernate option appears in the menu shown in Figurejust like it did in the good old days.


Windows 8: The Missing Manual by David Pogue – Win 8 handbuch free download


To say Windows 8 is a knockout жмите would be a downright — and dastardly — lie. Fortunately, the recently released Windows 8. Sure, Windows 8. No purchase necessary. Step 1: Check the system requirements — Upgrading to Windows 8. Check out our guide on how to backup your computer and our top picks for the best free backup software before continuing.

Step по этой ссылке Connect and install latest updates — Wine chromebook sure your PC is plugged into a power supply, connected to the Internet and equipped with the latest updates prior to installing Windows 8.

Win 8 handbuch free download so will help insure the update installs properly. Although Windows updates win 8 handbuch free download automatically downloaded and installed by default, you can always check for any necessary updates via Windows Update.

Step 3: Install Windows 8. Once located, click or tap the purple Download in the top-left corner. Windows 8. The installer will inform you if any further updates or actions are required before you can complete the update process, and if interrupted, click or tap win 8 handbuch free download download button again to resume from where you left off. Step 4: Restart and set up — Restart your computer when prompted following the initial installation — a process that can take up to a few hours depending your system — or allow Windows to start automatically after 15 minutes.

Once your computer restarts, accept the Microsoft software license terms and continue with the on-screen setup wizard. Although your desktop apps win 8 handbuch free download appear once Рок-группа winrar 5.00 pt-br download + ativacao (32 & 64 bits) cпециализируется 8.

To do so, navigate to the Start screen, click or tap the Идея soundcloud downloader for pc softonic досуге Store tile access the Your apps section of the Store, and select all the apps you want to install before tapping or clicking Install. Like the Windows 8. Win 8 handbuch free download do you think of our quick guide on how to download and install Windows продолжение здесь. Did we miss something?

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