Tinned Fish?!

October 8, 2016

When long-time client, President and Culinarian of the MET Restaurant Group, Kathy Sidell came to us with the idea of opening a new Boston restaurant, we instantly felt honored. Sidell, currently owning 4 restaurants in the Boston area, had a totally different approach with Saltie Girl. Her focus on this project was, tinned fish. Hm. Okay. Fish in a can? ?Try to imagine yourself eating out of a tin can? Is it cat food, tuna.. Who knows? Then we went?.from the interior design (the bar is seriously straight off Pinterest) to the drinks, atmosphere and yes even the tinned fish, is actually amazing. Kathy explained it much like a bottle of wine. It?s a preserved moment in time. That fish, the fishing season, that catch, the climate of the ocean, everything is captured in time. Served live chacuterie with vibrant salts, house made butter and crusty bread. It?s truly incredible. Don?t get us started on the fried lobster and waffles or the Saltie girl burger.

Sidell?s passion was contagious with this project.

?Growing up on the East Coast on a sailboat with my Dad, I have a deep affinity for the saltiness of the sea and the fruit it bears. During my travels I have discovered beautiful, high quality fish in tins, jars, smoked and of course amazing local and fresh seafood. Being a New Englander is almost synonymous with the briny taste of steamed clams, the salty ocean taste of lobsters perfectly cooked, the creaminess of a local oyster and the natural sweetness of a Nantucket bay scallop. We are blessed to have such amazing seafood locally. I have long been fascinated by the many ways to enjoy these morsels of the sea. Hence, ?Saltie Girl? – reflecting a way of life and a passion for eating nature?s bounty! I hope to bring all these delicacies to Saltie Girl so they can be enjoyed by our quests,? said owner Kathy Sidell.

And after only a few days open, the 28 seat seafood bar had Boston hooked. Literally. Taking the stereotype away from ?tinned seafood? guests we?re knocking down the door to experience Sidell?s newest feat. Oh, and the media went crazy too. See what Food and Wine, Yelp, Boston Magazine, Zagat & Eater had to say… (just to name a few).

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