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Look at the players moving their heads to follow the ball in flight. See the striker shake himself as he comes up after a rough tackle, then makes a little, annoyed hand gesture. Watch how the referee raises his head to look straight in the eyes of the red-carded fullback, as the latter is shouting and waiving his hands at the former in agony.

Evidence the attacking midfielder doing his little dance as he blitzes past yet another defender, switching legs and giving the ball a little push with the outside of his shoe.

See the player about to throw a ball from out of bounds receive it as it is thrown from the sidelines, and watch he net moving satisfactorily when a goal is scored. FIFA 98 simply looks tremendous, and I shudder in anticipation to think about next year’ installment.

The movements of the players are so fluid, so realistic, that in my first few games I had to stop once in a while simply to admire them. It is the first game ever in which I sometimes run a CPU only match, because it is so much better than any screensaver.

No, don’t ask me if the non-3dfx FIFA 98 also supports PowerVR straight from the box version is good enough to play- it simply doesn’t matter. I know I said this about a few games this year notably Moto Racer and Screamer Rally , but I had no idea what I was talking about, really.

So I will say it again, and this time with conviction: if you love soccer, even a little, and you do not have a 3dfx card, buy FIFA 98 and a 3dfx card. It is a really cheap ticket to gaming heaven. Trying hard to find some fault in the graphics, I can think of two things: in crowd animation, EA Sports are still using that 2D overlay, although this time there is some low resolution movement at the front row or two.

And you may also get a very rare bug, in which the ball seems to go into the goal after it had hit the outside part of the net, and vice versa. As for sound, well, it doesn’t disappoint. The graphics are so superbly done, that the audio is belittled in comparison, but let me assure you that EA Sports did a great job here too.

Yes, you still get the occasional funny mistake by John Motson in the play-by-play, like forgetting to mention that a penalty was given until after it was actually shot, or claiming that the referee was “a little lenient” when an opposing player just received their second yellow and was thrown off the field.

But these errors are rare, limited to maybe once or twice per 12 minute game, which is way better than anything else on offer in your local computer shop. They have also included some nice, colorful remarks, like when Motson claims that this is great treatment they are getting back in the media booth.

Lastly, ambient sounds, like crowd cheers, are good and add to the overall experience. Is FIFA 98 a blast to play? Surprisingly enough, the answer is a most emphatic yes.

This year, EA Sports went back to the tried and true arcade methods of shot control, then made them much more complex while still keeping their basic simplicity. Sounds confused?

I will try to explain. First of all, an 8-button gamepad is fully used- there are buttons for lob, shot, and pass, and also avoid tackle and speed burst.

The latter replaces turbo in a much more realistic way, allowing the player a short burst of speed to pass an opponent, but also tiring the attacker. You cannot use too many of those during a break, as the player will simply run too tired too quickly, and the defender will easily catch up and strip him of the ball. You also have the R ight and L eft buttons, which, combined with other buttons, perform specific actions, such as a spin or leg change or any other of a large number of different combinations.

Every move you ever saw in real life is possible in this game, if you try hard enough, and are quick enough with your fingers to perform it. OK, so this is pretty basic, except for the R and L buttons. Where the control system gets complicated is in the fact that a different type of execution of each button press will have a different result.

For example, you may shoot normally by pressing and holding the shoot button the shot gets stronger the longer you hold down the button, up to about one second , but you may also make a direct, strong, low shot if you simply tap it once, or a chipshot if you tap it quickly twice in succession. You can pass to a player normally, or may pass to an open space by tapping the pass button.

You can lob low or high, depending on how you use the lob button, and you can even “lob” the ball to yourself, preparing for a bicycle kick.

Did I mention already the necessity of training? If you really want to master this amazingly rich control system, then you will have to spend some serious time with it. But if you don’t, you can do very well with the few basic options, never caring about the flashier moves.

Still, where’s the fun in that? And how does the AI perform? Very well, thank you. Today’s computers are simply not advanced enough for that. But compared to other soccer games, this one is a leap forward- players move realistically, changing places and running for open spaces.

Defenders switch positions and cover for each other, executing offside traps with cunning accuracy. Your teammates will position themselves well in almost any situation, but only as dictated by their level and skills. Goalies and defenders let balls slide over the line, protecting them from advancing strikers. No more of the “two defenders leaving the ball, undecided” phenomenon seen on other games- in FIFA 98 , if you want to score against a better team in World Class level, you need to work for it.

The other two levels, Amateur and Professional, are good for the first few games, but it’s in World Class that the most fun can be had. Another nice touch that has to be mentioned is the how the different teams play- you can expect different things from Colombia and Germany when you pit your lads against them, with the former going for many short, on the ground passes and flashier plays while the latter being much more effective- and boring.

All in all, when it comes to gameplay, FIFA 98 scores heavily. The pace of the game is right- it feels like real soccer is being played. Movements are realistic, and your plays are rewarded or punished as your would expect them to be had the match been real. Controlling your players is as impeccable as you want it to be- if you spend the time learning the game, your can do precisely what you want to do.

It takes some time to understand that things are not perfect. To finish the section, I am reminded of one incident that happened while I was writing this review. Remember the “Rosenthal miss”, in the premiership, from several years ago?

The one where he hit the crossbar from 5 yards, after a breathtaking break, and while standing alone in front of the goal? You must have seen it, as it is still starring in almost every “premiership bloopers” collection shown.

Well, it happened to me too And in another match, I managed to duplicate Poborsky’s goal in the Euro championships. These little moments of deja-vu are evidence of how good FIFA 98 really is.

From time to time, the game really makes you feel as if it is real football you are watching, that you remember the play you just saw from sometime in the past. Yes, FIFA 98 is not perfect. First and foremost, there is the “catchup logic” problem. EA Sports have included a bizarre feature in the game, which takes effect during the second half if the computer is down at halftime.

Actually there are only 30 spots up for grabs because 2 positions are reserved for the host nation France and last years winner of the World Cup. A nice feature here is that you can determine how many offensive and defensive players will take part in these drills. For all of the above options, you have the ability to take the teams that are already created for you or you can completely customize your own squad, by editing player and team attributes or calling up players from reserve squads onto a national team.

For those of you who desire complete control, you will really get into this feature allowing you to recruit players. Beware, however, that they do take into account the monetary value for each player, so you can’t just recruit everyone. There are almost too many combination of moves, passes and shots that each player can perform. It’s a little confusing at first, but after some experimentation you start to get familiar with most of the moves.

EA did a good job of creating a game that you can start playing immediately and even win some games with only the knowledge of a couple of some basic moves. Yet the more you play, the more you start to pick up some of the more advanced moves. After a couple of games on the easiest skill level, I found that I was beating most teams. But on World Cup level, my world was rocked pretty bad.

The defense becomes so overwhelming that if you don’t pass the ball every second or two, one of the opponents will strip you of the ball. It was then that I realized that I needed to become more proficient with some of the advanced moves, like give-and-go passing, headers, and avoiding slide tackles by passing the ball to yourself. I needed to start mastering some of the games more advanced moves if I wanted to get away with a victory. Eventually I was able to squeak by, only losing by 1 or 2 goals instead of 4 and 5 goals.

While you are on offense, you have many actions that you can take. You can sprint to try and beat the defender, pass directly to a team-mate, or double tap to perform a through pass that places the ball just beyond your team member, so that he may catch up to the ball while in full sprint. This is often essential while trying to beat the last defender on your way to the goal. You can also perform lob passes to teammates or even to yourself.

This is an effective move to avoid opponents’ slide tackles. Another nice feature is the ability to fake or juke your opponent. So if you are trying to best a defender, you can fake to the right and go left. Even shooting on goal allows you many options. Using the D-pad, you can target any part of the goal on your shot or allow the computer to select where the shot will go. If you opt to pass to a teammate instead of taking the shot yourself, the receiving player has several other options.

While the ball is in the air, you opt to attempt a header shot on goal, bicycle kick shot on goal, or even lob it over the goalies head. As strange as it seems, some times the slow lob shot scored pretty effectively. The goalie would go up and some how the ball would just sneak through between the top of the net and his hands. On the defensive side of the ball, EA has given you several more options.

In many games you are given the option of tackling. EA Sports has given you the option of executing a conservative, aggressive or severe tackle. While these are fun to do, you risk getting called for the red card.

It’s bad enough to get the yellow card at times but the red card will keep you out for a game. Going after the true realism of the game, EA also has allowed for the possibility of injuring yourself on a severe tackle. This could keep you on the disabled list for more than a couple of games.

Keep on eye on your star players here. You will miss them in the big games against Brazil or Argentina. Each player is evaluated in 17 categories of real-life performance.

The detail even goes down to the point where even their facial features are captured. This in itself is amazing. In addition they have faithful recreated 16 true-to-life stadiums from around the world, where your teams can compete. John Motson and Andy Grey handle the announcing for each game. From the panoramic stadiums views, to the players, each is uniquely drawn so you can distinguish them from a distance.

The movements of the players are fluid and life-like. The range of motion is painstakingly represented from merely running to shooting, performing degree turns, passing, throw-ins, as well as corner, goal, and penalty kicks. Toss in the after the goal celebration and from a distance you would almost swear that you were watching an actual game on TV.

The more that I play this game, the more that I like it. Everything is top notch, from the game play and graphics, to the overall realism and atmosphere of the game. Toss in that with three levels of difficulty, you should never get too frustrated.

In previous games, when a player was in an offside position doing anything except running, that player was penalised for offside even when the ball was passed backwards. The bit version of FIFA 98 corrects this so that the game would only award a free kick for offside if the ball was passed roughly to where the player in the offside position was.

The game was a bestseller in the UK for 2 months. Our team strongly recommends that with this resource FIFA 98 game free download full version pc. It is a Full Version game. This game contains 16 different outdoor stadiums. There are clubs and 11 leagues in the League game.

Each team has specific crowd songs incorporated into the surrounding sound. In the game are all the teams that then fought in qualifiers on all continents of our Earth. You can play for the Solomon Islands, for example, and fight your way through the qualifiers to the tournament itself. Finally, the offside rule is correctly implemented, artificial intelligence has been improved and a player editor has been included.

The crowds in the stadiums have different announcements in their own languages, while players have different faces and hairstyle styles.


Fifa 98 free download for pc full version.Download FIFA 98: Road to World Cup

FIFA 98 game free download full version pc has become a lot easier with this unique portal. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (commonly abbreviated to FIFA 98) is. By many, FIFA 98 is considered to be the most complete and best balanced game in the series. It is possible to play both a friendly match and league mode. Download FIFA Road to World Cup for free on PC. Size: Mb. Version: Full Last Release. Download torrent · Download WITHOUT torrent (dstudio) . FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (commonly abbreviated to FIFA 98) is an association football video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. FIFA 98 RTWC gives you 5 basic game play options.


Download FIFA Road to World Cup | Fifa 98 free download for pc full version

By many, FIFA 98 is considered to be the most complete and best balanced game in the series. You can arrange for trades and cash transfers between teams.❿

Fifa 98 free download for pc full version

By many, FIFA 98 is considered to be the most complete and best balanced game in the series. It is possible to play both a friendly match and league mode. Free Download – For PC – PC Game – Offline Games – Direct download – Highly Compressed – Repack – Full Version FIFA 98 is a Sports video. Fifa road to world cup 98 is action game today you can download this from our website free full version percent working no surveys get.

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